Antique Sounds Radio Restoration and Repair 

Antique Sounds Radio Restoration and Repair 


Restoring Radio’s, Tube amplifiers, Antique Car Radio’s, Automatic Record Changers

Fully Restored Radio Chassis and Cabinet
Fully Restored Radio Chassis and Cabinet

Restoration Explanation

If you enjoy the sounds of tube type music, then you need to bring your equipment in for restoration to insure that it will continue to operate safely.

Complete restoration includes:

  • Replacing wax and electrolytic capacitors
  • Replacing out of specification resistors
  • Replacing dial string (in radio’s)
  • New dial lamps
  • New Line cord
  • Tubes as needed.  All tubes are tested to ensure they meet the specifications of the manufacturer, including shorts, low emissions
  • Wires that may be shedding insulation 

Any other component that may be unsafe for use.

  • Cleaning of controls on small table radio’s (radio’s with scratchy controls)

Once the components are replaced, the unit is then tested and re-set to its original specifications. 

A few of our Jobs 

1946 Zenith
1946 Zenith

Examples of Completed Jobs

These are examples of past restorations completed over the past few years. These radio’s came to our shop in total disrepair and were totally rebuilt, electronics and cabinet to look as they do now. 
Kevin Frattalone